Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. We are hoping to have a wave of light go across the world at 7 PM today. If everyone in the world lights a candle at 7 PM their time, and leaves it burning for an hour, there will be a continuous wave of light all over the world.

I will light my candles to honor and remember my babies, and the millions of other babies that should have been here in the world, but aren't. I will light my candles to support the millions of other heartbroken moms and dads for whom those babies are but a memory. My candles will burn in memory of all those little souls.

Won't you do your bit? Please light a candle at 7 PM tonight. It will hardly take any effort on your part, but it would mean the world to parents and grandparents all over the world.

I did send that email I meant to, to my family members and friends IRL. Some responded, some didn't. In some places, it's past 7 PM now. I can only hope that some candles were lit.