TMI warning: If you have a queasy stomach, and /or are of delicate disposition, or are any of my male IRL friends who already know WAY too much about me, stop reading now. Don't read any further!

So I'm back home. The day of the surgery was a piece of cake. I guess because of the fact that I was medicated and stayed in bed all day long. 

Yesterday, on the other hand, was EXHAUSTING. Just getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed and getting to the airport was tiring! And then to navigate the Denver airport!! It's HUGE! Thankfully we had plenty of time, so we didn't have to rush, and could walk slowly through the airport. But even the walk from the entrance to the security check point, to the gate of departure was a task. My head was reeling and my hands were cold by the time all that was done! I fell asleep in the plane even before we took off!

And that was not all. Here's the TMI portion. Again - any of you who should not be reading this - please don't.

So the balloon in my uterus has a tail. They told us that before and after the surgery. And they told me that "sometimes the tail may slip out, and if it does, don't panic, just push it back in". OK. Nobody told us the tail is really not a "tail" (I was imagining a string or a thread type tail - I mean, if there is a balloon, there has to be a string, right?). Boy was I wrong!!! The damn thing is like one of those controls on an overhead light fixture - you know the kinds that hangs down?

And it "slips out" every time I walk!! I had to stop at restrooms 2 times between security and the boarding gate at the airport yesterday!! No fun. The first time I felt it slip out was right while I was walking past security. I'm sure I was walking funny and thank goodness the security guys didn't decide to "pat me down". That would have been awkward! LOL!

Anyhow - all done, I'm home and relaxing. I've decided I'm not getting out of bed and going anywhere till this thing is removed! 4 more days and I can have this contraption taken out. I still have no pain - knock on wood. Either I've become immune to pain, or this doctor is so so awesome! :-)

Our friends P and R brought us good home made food for dinner last night. Thanks for pampering us, guys! You're awesome!

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes! I'm so glad to have you guys hold my hands through all this! Thank you thank you thank you!