We're here in Mile High city. We left CA bright and early, and got in here earlier than expected! Got our car, found the hotel, checked in, freshened up, had a quick lunch and went to CCRM for my pre-op appointment.

They drew my blood for a pregnancy test. And guess what? They haven't called with results, so I assume it's a BFN? :-) I told the girl that if I were the kinds that ~could~ get a positive pregnancy test without the help of all kinds of advanced technology and procedures, I wouldn't be sitting in that chair today. She just laughed. 

Dr Schoolcraft spent a few minutes with us after that. He confirmed that the procedure he will do tomorrow on me is the same as I described a few days back. Dilate the cervix, insert a hysteroscope, scrape out the top and sides of my uterus, put in a balloon, and send me packing. 

He gave me some prescriptions. One to dilate the cervix, one antibiotic, and one painkiller. We filled the prescriptions and we're all set! 

He does not want me to have the balloon in for 10 days though. He wants it out either Monday, Tuesday or latest by Wednesday of next week. So I called my RE's office in CA and got my appointment changed to Tuesday next week. 

Now for follow up. Dr Schoolcraft wants to see me personally in 6 weeks. I asked him if I could get a hysteroscopy done elsewhere and get the report sent to him, and he said no. He said any other doctor will not know what to compare against. He feels that since he's working on my uterus, he will have better mental images of my "before" and "after" uterus. So I'm back here in 6 weeks. I got that appointment set up too. I have to be back here on Dec 10. 

Which leads us to - "When can I do an IVF????" The answer to that is next year. It will be the second week of December by the time by 6 week appointment is done, and since their lab closes for the holidays, if you don't start stims by Dec 2, you're pushed out to next year. So I'm out. Waiting for 2009 now.  Oh well. Better to wait, and do my last IVF with a "new and improved" uterus, than to rush into anything right now, right? So I wait.... and the nurse said, depending on the PGD process Dr Schoolcraft recommends for us, we may have to do a freeze all cycle. That would mean freeze the embryos after fertilization, and come back the next month for transfer. So lets see, we were here in September, we're here in Nov, I have to come back in December, we both come back in January, and possibly February again!!! Geesh!!!!! 

That's it, friends. We drove around downtown for a while and are now back at the hotel. DH wanted to sit somewhere and have a drink and he even took permission from the nurse for me. She said "Ok as long as you don't get her wasted". But I think I'll pass on the drinking tonight. I'll wait till tomorrow, and get wasted and pass out on the IV! :-)

I will post an update tomorrow when I can. My uterus is going in for cosmetic surgery tomorrow. Please send me some "pretty uterus vibes".