I'm so bad. I had all these grand plans of really spreading the awareness this week. I had planned I'll make a video or a slideshow and send it to people, put it up on You.Tube etc. I haven't done anything. The whole week has gone past and I haven't made anybody aware in any way. 

I will try and make up for this tomorrow. This weekend is also our 1 year anniversary of our first BFP. So I know I am going to want to slow down tomorrow, and want to think about last year for a while, think about how things could have and should have turned out. I know I'm probably going to be a mass of emotions, and that may be the best time to spread some heartfelt awareness. 

Some updates - I spoke with the nurse at CCRM, and asked her the questions that I had. I wanted to know if I could get my balloon removed here, 10 days after the surgery. I also wanted to know if my 1 month followup could be done here, and if we could send the reports to Dr Schoolcraft, or would he want to do a hysteroscopy himself. She said the best person to answer these would be Dr Schoolcraft, and that the best time for him to answer these questions would be either pre-op when he meets us on Tuesday, or post-op when he knows how much work he has done on my uterus. 

Just to be on the safe side, I called Dr M's office here, and have set up an appointment for him to take my balloon out. If I need to cancel it, I will. I didn't want to wait till I came back from Denver. What if they can't squeeze me in then? I'd be stuck with a balloon in my tummy! 

CCRM still hasn't received the reports from my pap smear and mammogram. I'm wondering if that is strange. It's been 2 weeks since the mammogram, and 2.5 weeks since the pap. I haven't received any updates either. I don't know how long mammogram reports take, but I am sure I don't remember waiting 2.5 weeks for a pap report. (Yet another note to self - follow up on this as well!!!)