I can't believe I've slept all day! :-)

Everything went really well today. We left well in advance from the hotel because the nurse told us traffic can be really bad and it could take us even up to an hour! Well, we were there in 20 minutes (and yes, there was a LOT of traffic)! CCRM's surgery center entrance/ parking is different from their main lobby. You enter into a garage on the side and go straight upstairs to the surgery center. Entering the garage is like a secret mission operation! "Press "CALL" on the intercom, announce your name, and the garage door will be opened for you. The nurses will be notified of your arrival." Pretty cool, huh?

I filled out some paperwork, and they had me change into a WARM gown, and gave me a WARM blanket to cover myself. That felt so good! The nurse put on all the monitors for me, and wrapped my hand in a warm wet towel. She said that helps the veins pop up, so they can put in the IV easily. Everything went super smooth. The nurse also put on my "party hat"! (That's what she called it!) :-)

Now for my "awwwwww moment". DH was waiting in the room with me before they took me into the operating room. The sticky monitors on me were connected to this screen behind which was going beep...beep...beep...beep. It displayed my heart rate, and other vital stats. So DH came and held my hand, and instantly the monitor started going BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! My heart rate went up! We both started laughing - after 12 long years, DH can still get my heart rate racing by touching my hand!! LOL. Come on, say it with me "Awwwwww."

They put in some relaxing medicine into the IV and I was out. Didn't even stay awake till the real stuff! What a wuss! 

I woke up with warm warm blankets all over me, including one which is like a plastic sheet, with warm air circulating through it. Very cool. I sat for a bit, and then had some crackers and ginger ale. My throat hurts - possibly scratched / bruised from some tube they put in. It hurts pretty bad to swallow. Dr Schoolcraft came in and told me everything went well. He thinks he's made enough room in there. He inserted a balloon (which I don't feel at all). He also said he had to put a stitch on my cervix because it got nicked a little. 

We left in a bit, and DH drove us back via Panera, where he got me some nice soup. Came back to the hotel, and went to sleep. 

The greatest part of it all - I am in no pain. At least so far. It's 5 PM local time, I haven't had any pain medication since I left the hospital. That's it folks. The surgery is done. Now I wait for 6 weeks, and come back here. DH already did the tickets for our December trip while I was asleep this afternoon. We plan to fly in and out the same day. 

I feel great, and am really glad I went ahead and did the surgery. Even if it doesn't help, I know I've done all I could.