We have this silly joke where we say "My bad luck is good these days" or "My good luck is bad these days". That's what is happening here in this house!

A week ago, the dishwasher collected a whole bunch of water on the bottom. Soapy water. We pulled out the user manual and did everything we could to troubleshoot. Didn't help. We tried everything we could, then I finally hand-washed 2 days worth of dirty dishes at one shot. We know a plumber in our neighborhood who came and fixed the dishwasher. It was a silly silly problem. The water outlet had got blocked with some metal pieces (not sure where the metal pieces came from!). 

Yesterday I noticed the freezer temperature on the front control of the refrigerator blinking. Uh-oh. Not good. Out came the manuals. Again, we did all we could. Didn't help. A few years ago, the exact same thing had happened with the refrigerator, and we had ended up having to BUY a new one, because they couldn't fix the broken one. Morons that we are, we bought the exact same model again. When that light started blinking yesterday, I was like - Alright then, this is a goner. DH thought I was over-reacting, and that he'd be able to fix it. 

This morning, he's singing a different song. Obviously, given that now there's water leaking out from under the refrigerator!!! We are now going to be frantically eating things from the freezer and calling for repairman appointments! If history does repeat itself, the repairmen won't be able to fix it, we will have to throw a lot of food out, and we will have to replace the refrigerator!!!

If we have to buy a new refrigerator, I'm not buying a Sam.sung side by side again. We bought it 2 times, and both times it's had the EXACT same issues! I think I'm going to buy the cheapest and hardiest one I can now! Darn it!!!

We could do without these issues right now!! But I guess, we can't choose the issues we get, right? Can't choose the hand you're dealt, just play it the best you can....

On the other hand, my CD3 blood work results came back great. FSH is at 7.9, LH at 5. something, and AMH at something which the nurse said was "excellent". I can't remember the level right now. My FSH is higher than I ever remember it to be - I last knew of it being 3.something. It's still great - I'm 37, and my FSH is nicely under 10. I know it's still all good, but I can't help but notice how much higher it is now! 

(Little confession here. I wanted them to prescribe me Met.formin so I could lose some of the weight I've gained with all these cycles. At first they said they wanted to see my CD3 results. Once they got the results they refused to prescribe it to me! :-( They say I don't need it, and since my hormones are perfectly balanced they don't see any reason why I should be on it! Blah!!!)