It’s so nice to meet a set of people that get it!

Shelby invited DH and me to have lunch with her sisterhood today. These are women Shelby met through her support group meetings and they decided to take their kinship beyond just the support group.

Of late, I have become extremely socially inadequate and deficient. I find myself avoiding meeting any new people, because I dread the “What about you? Are you married, do you have children?” part of the conversations.

When I told Shelby I was ready to join them, I confess that I was a trifle hesitant. But I decided to go anyway.

I am so glad DH and I went! These ladies all get it. They were all in my shoes! In fact, one of them introduced herself, saying “I’m so and so, and I’m extremely fertile.” I laughed and responded, “Try beating me at being fertile!”

There were laughs, jokes, stories shared and I felt such a comfortable camaraderie with all these ladies. I guess you know you had fun if you get home at 6 PM from lunch!

I’ve always hesitated going to any kind of support group. I felt it would be awkward talking about my IF to people I didn’t know. But if these are the kind of friendships that can be formed, I’m missing out on so much! Moreover, it’s easier to talk about IF to strangers that get it, than to try and explain to friends and family that don’t!

The great part was that a few of the DHs were there too, and it was great to hear their perspective to things too. It’s a rare moment when you find 3 men asking each other “How do you do with the shots?” and then hear them describe to each other how they do the shots. Very cute.

We are all now wearing the “Wear to make aware” pomegranate colored thread on our right hands. This is the common thread of infertility. I feel sort of empowered! ☺

Thanks Shelby for organizing this! Everyone else – it was so nice to meet you all!!