While a new president gets elected, I got my balloon "ejected." Cheesy, I know :-)

But, YYYEEAAOOWW!!! OUCH!!! The taking out of the balloon wasn't as simple as everyone said it would be! Apparently the balloon was sort of stuck in my uterus - Dr M. thought it could be static or something. 

It went something like this - he put in a speculum, then asked the medical assistant for a syringe to "drain" the fluid inside the balloon. As the saline drained from the balloon, my uterus protested like crazy! Oh the cramps!!! :-(

Then he started to try and get the balloon out, and it wouldn't budge. I could see him panicking a bit. He did an abdominal u/s, and saw that the balloon was nicely deflated. So he tried again, but no go. Still stuck. By now my palms were sweaty and my uterus was completely in rebellion. 

Dr. M then decided to do an internal u/s, to make sure that the balloon was in fact totally deflated. So he put my tail back in, and removed the speculum and did another u/s. Yup - totally deflated balloon right there. He put the speculum back on, and tried again. By now I was squirming my butt around on the table in pain. 

Finally it gave. Came out in 2 seconds after that. Phew!!!! I'm glad I'm done with that. That's one thing I'm not going to miss having! 

The real clincher? The size of the thing. It was tiny! The balloon part was just so tiny. But, as DH pointed out - it was tiny in deflated state.  Here is a picture of a similar balloon. No - this is NOT a picture of MY balloon ;-)

See the tail? See why it was so uncomfortable??!! YEEAAOOWW!!