We ran. Couldn't bear the thought of spending yet another Halloween sitting at home handing out candy to the cute little Princesses and Supermen and Spidermen. I want to be taking my kids out trick or treating!! I don't want it rubbed in my face every year that we are miserable infertile people and that there are no kids in this house going trick or treating! 

This year we decided we couldn't deal with it. We didn't buy candy. We got in the car and scrammed. We made sure we stayed out till it was late enough for the trick or treaters to be in bed. And when we got back, Simba kept running to the front door like he was telling us "The doorbell has been ringing all evening!! Open the door - let all my friends in!!!" 

If next year at this time we don't have an infant (or aren't about to have one), then this is going to become tradition with us. Get out and have a good dinner out on Halloween. "Self Preservation" is what I call this anti social behavior that I allow myself to indulge in!