Nity nominated me for this award the other day. Thank you so much Nity! I am always touched by the faith in your posts. I am always inspired by your unwavering belief. 

I am supposed to give this award to two blogs - blogs that have me hooked! There are so many that I'm hooked on! But since I have to choose 2, I'm going to pick Lorraine and April


So for today's topic, I have an incident to relate. Yesterday, I had some stuff to mail out, and I had to go to the post office. Our post office is quite close by, so I decided to walk there. 

As I was walking out from the post office, I noticed a kid coming down the street on a skate-board. He must not have been more than - I'd guess 16-17 - dressed in t-shirt, long shorts, socks and sandals (Yes, YUCK!!) and a baseball cap. He crossed past me as I walked home. 

A few yards later, he came up from behind me again. I stepped aside on the sidewalk so he could pass by. He didn't want to pass by apparently! He wanted to make conversation. Huh? Conversation? With Me?? 

Him: Hi
Me: Hi
Him: What's your name?
Me: (While wondering where this came from) Why?
Him: Why?
Few steps in silence. 
Him: Did you go to the post office?
Me: (Thinking - Yes - you saw me coming out of there, so why are you asking?) Yes
Him: Do you live around here?
Me: Yes.

By this time we came to an intersection across which is a little dog park where DH was playing fetch with Simba. I cut across the park and joined DH. The skateboard kid circled around all the time we were at the park. 

The reason I'm relating this story here: IF has taken my sense of humor away also! I should have been amused / flattered even, that a kid was making conversation with me. The only thing I could think of was "You want to talk to me? I have a long long long sob story that you're not going to want to hear!" The other thought it my head was "Kid, I'm almost sure your mother is younger than I am, so quit acting funny and go away!"

Sad. I need to get my sense of humor back.....

** Update** I just realized that I didn't mention that I was creeped out by this little fella. Completely. I was so glad that this incident had happened pretty close to where DH and Simba were, and that DH is a big man, and Simba is a huge German Shepherd.