Heavyheart created a bucket list on her blog today, and tagged me to create one as well. Here is my bucket list - these are 10 things I would like to do before I die. 

1) Have a baby. Have a family which includes a few more human beings than it currently does.

2) Re-claim the person that I was before all this happened to me. I accept the fact that no matter where my journey ends, I will always carry these bruises. The badge of honor for being part of the IF world. I want to be able to re-claim my personality and try and find the old me. She was fun to be around! ☺

3) Travel. I want to visit all the continents and see the world. I’ve traveled a little, but there is so much more to see. I want to go to Australia, Africa, East Europe, South America…. All with DH of course!

4) I want to touch another person’s life enough to make a difference to that person – in a positive way. The ideal part of this would be if I could have a baby to nurture and help shape the personality of.

5) I want to have enough money to be able to run a fund that pay for IF treatments for those that cannot afford it. I know how much of a handicap money can be in the IF struggle, and I want to be able to make it easier for some people.

6) Rebuild some of the relationships I have lost over the last few years. I really miss some of my friends, and have great memories of fun times with them.

7) Be simply, positively, absolutely happy. Just be happy. Wake up happy. Look forward to the day. Go to bed happy.

8) Work out and make my injured leg strong enough so I can run and do things I could before the injuries – and if possible “forget” that it was ever injured!

9) I want to own a house on a beach. I want to wake up to views of the ocean, and go to bed hearing the waves.

10) I want to go on a cruise.

This is a nice way to put things in perspective. I am really not sure how many people to tag, so I will tag Nity, Nancy, April, Nichole, Lisa

What's on your bucket list?