Yeah the laugh's on me today. I am the most absent minded cell phone owner in the world. I leave my cell phones all over the world. Thankfully, at least in this department, my luck works. I also get the phones back! Each time....

The year: 2002. Place: Miami, Florida. The phone: Basic Samsung - even this picture is that of a newer model. Mine was not even this fancy. 
We were there on vacation, and were walking around the "Coconut Grove" area (?? I am not sure I remember the name of the place well - it was a Coconut something area). We walked through several streets, stores, and at some point I realized I did not have my cell phone with me. We tried calling it, and we tried re-tracing our path, but who knows when I had lost it!
We called the service provider, and informed them that the phone was lost. We told them to suspend the account and figured we would get back home and deal with it. 

We came back home, and got a voice message on our home phone saying "I am calling from the Guess store in Miami. We found this cell phone in our store, and are calling the number listed as "Home". If you have lost your phone, please call us back."

God bless them - we called them, and they shipped my phone back to me. Service was re-instated. Problem solved. 

I was teased by DH and friends for a while after that for being so taken up by trying on clothes that I had no idea that I had left my phone behind. 

The year 2005. The place - road trip to Seattle. The phone: Sony Ericsson
We had driven with some friends to Seattle. On the way back, we stopped somewhere for food / break / walk around. This place happened to be an outlet mall type place. We walked around, ate, stretched, walked the dogs (We had a total of 3 dogs traveling with us). 
We got back in the car and started driving. About an hour later, I reached into my purse looking for my phone.
It was nowhere to be found. And nobody wanted to turn back and help me look for it because we had NO idea where I could have left it. 

I got teased some more. We got home, did the same drill - called the service provider, informed them that the phone was lost. They said I had insurance and they would ship out a replacement phone to me. 

Over the next day or so I called the outlet mall company, and we finally tracked the phone down. I had dropped it at a Rockport store - doing what? You're right. Trying on shoes. 

I did get the phone back, but in the meantime my replacement phone had arrived and we figured it would be a pain to get service changed from this one to the old one again, so we let it be. 

Yes - I got teased a lot again! First I was trying on pants, then I was trying on shoes!!

This was the replacement phone I received, and this was the only phone I did not lose! 
I actually liked it. It was small enough to go into my pockets, it was light enough that it didn't feel like I was lugging a weight around. It was basic and functional. And the best part - I didn't lose it!

Then in 2006, DH decided he wanted to buy me a high tech phone. I protested all I could. I told him I did not want to check email on the phone. I told him I did not want to have internet access everywhere I went. My personality is very addictive, and if I am given the option to be online, I WILL be online all the time. 

Nope - he still got me this phone. Way too heavy for me! Way too high tech. I decided not to take the data plan, and use it just as a phone. 

The year 2007. The phone: HTC 8125. The place: Local Mall.
I realized in the mall that I didn't have my phone. I assumed I had left it in the car because I didn't remember picking it up from the car. But it wasn't in the car. We called it several times. Someone would answer, but not talk back. After a few days of this, I gave up. Until one day I got a call from my cousin in London, saying she tried me on my cell, and someone named Andre answered the phone. She of course wanted to know who Andre was!! :-)

Andre would not answer when I would call, though! Then, one day, I got a voice mail at home, saying "I have your phone. If you want it, call." 

Long story short - I had to meet shady Andre in a shady corner of town to ~get this~ BUY my phone back from him. He said someone sold it to him for $20, and he thought he could sell it for much higher, but since I had a password on it which he couldn't crack, he couldn't do anything with it. He could only receive calls, and all the calls on it were for me! Pointless, right? So he sold me my phone back - minus the leather case and the stylus of course. 

That phone finally stopped working this year. Now I have a new iPhone. 

Today, lunch. We went out for lunch, and I left my phone at the restaurant. Thankfully I realized it just 5 minutes after leaving and we drove back and I got my phone back!
DH is glad that the episode that was to happen with this phone has happened, and I have recovered the phone without having to deal with the likes of Andre!

But he cannot stop teasing me now. I'm embarrassed, but glad that he's laughing - even if he's laughing at me!