Every couple that is TTC imagines how it would be to get pregnant. They imagine the pregnancy, the glow, the swelling belly, waddling stride, the ultrasounds, the oohing and aahing of every milestone. Every couple hopes for a smooth, uneventful pregnancy, with no "alarm" situations. 

Heh! I try to put myself in that place. You know - positive thinking and all that. Here's what goes on it my head:

If I do get pregnant, and do reach the stage where I get released from my RE to a regular doctor, I'd probably have to go to a perinatologist (a high risk pregnancy OB). Why? There are several reasons why a pregnancy may be considered high risk. Some that come to mind to me are:

1) Previous miscarriage? Check.
2) Previous ectopic? Check.
3) Advanced Maternal Age? Check.
4) Uterine Anomaly? Check.
5) IVF with PGD? Check. 
6) High BP? Check. 

I wonder if one perinatologist will be sufficient for me! These are things that I KNOW are on my list. I hope this is where my list ends, and I hope it doesn't grow longer!! 

Oh well - que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.