We are scheduled to leave for Denver in 9 days, on 12/31. That is, provided all goes on schedule, and my body behaves itself. I have my baseline u/s and bloodwork scheduled for this Friday. So far (knock on wood), I've never had an issue with cysts or anything, and I'm hoping no surprises get sprung on me this time.

Assuming all goes well, I start stims on Saturday. So starting Saturday, I will be moving to 3 shots per day, as opposed to the one per day I'm on right now. So far, Lupron has not turned me into a lunatic. (DH may very promptly disagree here - yes, I've snapped at him for no apparent reason a couple of times recently - but hey, you take all these meds and shots, and then let's see!)

 The Dexamethasone induced insomnia seems to be adjusting as well. I guess my sleep is way too precious and overpowering for a tiny pill to be able to ward off for too long! I've been sleeping better for the last couple of days, compared to when I started the medicine last week.

Overall, I'm feeling calm. Very calm. It's strange, but I'm always very calm during my treatment cycles. I'm not feeling any "what if" panic attacks coming on. I'm not feeling "Yippeee - this is going to work and I know it!!". I'm just feeling "still" and calm.

I don't know the outcome of this IVF. I don't know what frame of mind I will be in, one month from now, 2 months from now, 1 year from now. I do know that I'm doing the best that I can, given the circumstances.

I have a little external panic situation going on though. I am FREAKING out at the thought of the weather in Denver! See, I'm a sorry combination of being an owner of a "It never snows in the Bay Area, CA" wardrobe, and "I'm from the tropical heat of India and I cannot IMAGINE temperatures like those!!"

We don't have any experience with scraping snow off our cars, nor do we have experience with driving in the snow. To make sure we weren't signing up for a sure shot disastrous trip (what with a rental car and everything), we checked if the hotel we're at has a shuttle service. Thank goodness they do! And thank goodness CCRM is as popular as it is, because the concierge on the phone even told us "Just tell us the timings of your appointments, and we will make sure the shuttle is available!" Sweet!!

My "to-do before leaving for Denver" and "to-do for Denver" lists are getting ready, and items getting crossed off already. The days are rolling by, and time draws near.