I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! 

I had my baseline u/s and blood work this morning. If there's anything that responds the way it's supposed to, (knock on wood), it's my body on meds. Suppression check looked good. No cysts on the ovaries, AF came when she was supposed to, nothing weird going on. 

CCRM just called and gave me the go ahead on starting stims tomorrow. So I start with 75 iu Menopur in the morning, 150 iu Gonal F in the evening, reduce Lupron to 5 iu, and continue on the dexamethasone. 

I asked my local RE here about the lower doses, and he thinks it's fair to start low and see how I respond, and increase the dose if need be. Also he said that my ovaries are showing a decent number of antral follicles, and according to him, things are looking better than they did at my last couple of IVFs with him. 

I have my first follie u/s and blood work on Tuesday, and we are scheduled to fly to Denver on Wednesday! Wow - we just have 4 full days before we leave!  

2008 is drawing to a close as well. Actually I can't wait for the year to be over - 2008 brought with it many many trials and tribulations, and I'm ready to move on to the next chapter, the next calendar of events. Last year, after our m/c, we thought that nothing could be worse, and that 2008 would definitely be a better year. We know better now. Things COULD be worse, and they were. 

I'm looking forward to 2009 to bring us the change in the direction of the wind that we all so desperately need.