I thought I would share with you guys some pictures of our little puppy Simba. He's really not very little any more, but he thinks he is. He doesn't realize he weighs about 90 lbs, and can easily knock either one of us down on our butts. 

Simba LOVES going to the beach. His sole purpose in life is to play fetch, and he knows he will get undivided "fetch" time at the beach. Every visit to the beach is complete excitement for him. He runs and plays till he is so exhausted that he can barely stand any more, but he's not one to give up and sit down. Oh the beach! Simba LOVES the beach!

At home, he thinks the whole world revolves around him. He has his own little cosmos going on in his head. You wear a jacket, he thinks it's time for him to go out. You pick up the car keys, he thinks he's getting to go on a drive. You look him in the eye when it IS time for him to go out, and he will be all over you in excitement. 

We tried pretty hard to teach him the "no climbing on furniture" rule. So guess what - he doesn't climb on the family room stuff, which is what we use most of the time. But the formal area - aah, whole different story! Nobody told him THAT furniture was off limits too! Here he is:

The poor baby used to be very car sick as a puppy. His stomach would churn each time he was in the car for over 10 minutes. He'd be sick all over the car, and would be miserable for hours afterwards. Now he's figured that if he acts restless in the backseat, we roll down the windows for him (to distract him - and it works! He hasn't thrown up in the car this entire year). He sticks his head out and enjoys the breeze (never mind that our ears are popping with the noise on the freeway at the time!). He's also figured that he can keep going from one window to the other on the backseat, and we will keep rolling the window down on whichever side he is. So it's a constant oscillation - left, right, left, right!! Drives me insane, but he loves it :-)

He's our completely goofy, lovable, VERY VERY COMMUNICATIVE little baby. He listens to Dad (DH), but he knows Dad listens to Mama (me) (hehehehe). So when he thinks it's time for him to be taken out to play, he whines in front of Dad a couple of times, and then comes and puts a paw on my lap, as if to say "OK Mom, time to do your magic. Dad needs to get up and take me out NOW".

And needless to say - he has been a complete lifesaver for us as well. Nothing takes away stress as does a dog wagging his tail at you, looking at you with those imploring, guilt inducing eyes. Gotta love it!!