I think it is the Dexa.methasone. I was awake many times last night too. So it's not total insomnia - as in, I do fall asleep, but I wake up ever so often!

Well then, we'll have to get used to it huh? I'm not complaining, maybe this is practice to wake up every hour AFTER the baby is here!! LOL!

Since I woke up so many times in the night, I'm not sure if what I am about to relate was a dream, or was it my mind drifting and imagining things while I was awake. But I had very vivid images in my mind when I finally woke up. I dreamt/visualized that DH and I are in a hospital. I have just had a baby - and may I tell you it is the CUTEST baby in the world! :-)

We create an email account for the baby, (and I even have enough details that it was a g.mail account hahaha). We attach a picture of the baby, and the baby sends out his own birth announcements individually to family and friends.

Now if I could just make that vision come true!!

On another note - everyone out there - if you are ordering a bunch of drugs for injectable cycles or IVF, and your shipment is delivered to you with all medications in it in bulk, ALWAYS make sure you double check.

Make sure you get a copy of the prescription from your doctors office (if they send it directly to the pharmacy), and make sure you check off what you've received.

During my last IVF, and this one, I have noticed medications that are missing. Last time it was Menopur and I had to buy it locally since the mail order pharmacy was out of stock. This time it's Folgard. I've been following up since last week, and after several false promises (It will be shipped out today, It will be shipped out tomorrow), today I found out that Folgard as a brand is being discontinued, and the pharmacy needs to check with my doctors office if they can send me an alternate. And of course, they somehow don't think it's important to inform the patient when they're out of stock, or when they aren't including part of your prescription in the shipment!

So ladies - don't assume you've got all your medication when your pharmacy sends it to you. CHECK the list!!