Here is the before and after of my uterus. The picture on top was taken in September during my 1 day work up at CCRM. The picture on the bottom is from my post op appointment this Wednesday.

The pictures have been outlined to show the shape of the uterus. Somehow when I look at this, it only reminds me of an undergarment! :-)

Then, when you're done comparing (and I'm sorry for the grainy pictures - they look much clearer in reality), you can have a look at this - my goodie bag arrived yesterday. I am embarking on my 5th fresh IVF, and till date, I have never taken a picture of the medicines. This time I felt like I should, because hopefully I will never again have to see that box of medications!

By this time next month, almost all these medicines will have been injected / ingested / inserted into my body. By this time next month we will be getting ready for our PGD results and for embryo transfer. 

Bring it on, I say!