Available for immediate accommodation!! New and improved!! Recently upgraded! Newly remodeled! The owner has recently hired a new “designer/ architect” to remove a 37 year old room divider and to “open out” the living space! No rent – accommodation free for one, maybe even 2 individuals. In fact, the owner is paying pots of money to get occupants – and wants occupants who stay!

I guess you can tell – my appointment yesterday went well. Very well indeed.

We first sat with the business office – the insurance mess had to be cleared up. The girl there said they would work with the new insurance and figure out the details. She also told me that I would probably need to follow up once I am an active member.

But – we ended up paying a huge sum of money so that our cycle would not get interrupted. They will bill the insurance and whatever gets covered will get reimbursed / adjusted and we should get some money back, but it’s a large large sum – almost $16K!

Dr Schoolcraft did my hysteroscopy, and he was actually all smiles. Now this is a big deal because Dr Sch is known to be straight faced, and serious types. But you could see the pride in his face when he got done with the hysteroscopy. He said everything looks great, and he also said “I must say I am very impressed with myself” ☺

He did mention that he had been a little worried that he would not be able to fix my uterus. Some women’s bodies scar, some don’t, some heal well, some don’t. So I told him I was terribly afraid too – because I’ve had several knee surgeries, and I know that my knee develops scar tissue. I was petrified that my uterus would do the same – why should it be different? But wonder of wonders – my uterus now looks like a normal uterus belonging to anyone else! It looks like the big girl uterus I wanted!!

Dr Schoolcraft sent me off to do a 3 d ultrasound just to compare images from last time, and get this – even I could tell the difference in the images myself! It was that clear!

I have had this silly grin plastered on my face since then, and DH has been spitting on me to ward off the evil eye (OK not spitting ON me, but pretending to). I don’t want to jinx anything, but – for once, I am feeling so excited and hopeful!

Divine intervention – for sure!

Thank you everyone for praying for us and for keeping us in your thoughts. I have no doubt in my mind that the positive energy from all of you did half the magic yesterday! Hugs to each one of you!!

(PS: I have pictures of before and after of my uterus – I will scan and put them up soon – you can see for yourself how huge the difference is!)