The egg farm is busy! I have done 3 full days of stims so far, and one additional day of menopur (I do the Gonal F and Lupron in the evenings). I had my first follie check this morning. My little ovaries sure have been busy!

Dr M measured about 11 follicles on one side and about 9 on the other. Some of them were still pretty small, at 4 mm or so, but the largest one was at 9.5, and the closest smaller ones were at 8, 7.5 and 7 etc. Dr M. was a little concerned that the one that was at 9.5 COULD show a tendency of gaining dominance, but he said a lot would depend on the blood results. 

CCRM called back and said my blood work looked fine, E2 was at 162, and P4 was at 0.2. They want me to continue with the same dose - 75 iu Menopur, 150 iu Gonal F, 5 units Lupron, and Dexamethasone. 

I have to admit I was freaking out the whole time after the u/s visit till the phone call from CCRM. I was thinking I had spoken too soon when I said my body responds well to meds, and I was thinking "I knew it!! The low dose is what's messing everything up!" and I was imagining them calling and saying "OK, never mind, you have one dominant follicle and we are canceling your IVF!" 

I asked them if the one larger follicle was anything to worry about (even though it's really only 1.5 mm bigger than the next smaller one). The nurse said that in their perspective, it's not. She said everything looks good. 

DH says I am genetically tuned to worry. He thinks my brain NEEDS a reason to worry, and if there isn't anything to worry about, THAT becomes the reason. It's like a homing device in my brain - whirring around, looking for the worry objective! 

OK - I just wanted to update you guys on today's progress. I need to pack and do 1 million things before tomorrow, so I'd better get off my butt now. 

I will try and post an update once we reach Denver tomorrow night, but if I don't get to, and if I don't "talk" to you any more this year, here's wishing you a fantastic new year! May 2009 bring you and your family peace, joy, fulfilled dreams and much more! 

Hugs to you all - and thank you from the bottom of my heart for holding my hand and helping me keep my sanity (or what's left of it!) 

Mmmmwwwwaaaah to all of you!