Day 3 embryo progress report is in. I was so nervous that the numbers would drop significantly. But thankfully it's not that bad. In fact, it's not bad at all!

Out of the 14, we have 12 that are growing well. Minimal to no fragmentation, good cell division, and according the the embryologist, they are just where we want them to be. 

Out of the 4 eggs that matured late and on which "rescue ICSI" was done, 1 is at 5 cells, 1 at 3 cells, 1 at 2 cells and one didn't cleave at all. The 5 cell and 3 cell embryos look promising - they will continue to watch these over the next couple of days.

So as of now, on Monday, the 12 embryos will be biopsied (hopefully all 12 will still be growing then) and vitrified. On Tuesday or Wednesday they will biopsy any of the late bloomers that are still growing at that time, and will vitrify them. This is delayed because these are the late maturing eggs that were fertilized later, and they are physiologically a day or more behind the earlier batch. 

We will now hear from them on Monday after the biopsy. The FISH results should be in within a couple of days after that. 

I'm feeling more at peace with the numbers now. I was worried that we would lose some from Day 1 to Day 3, and thankfully most of our embryos seem to have grown well. I hope they continue to grow, and form good looking blastocysts on Monday. 

I have not heard anything from the insurance guys after my conversation with them yesterday. Given that it's the weekend, I probably won't hear till next week now any way. 

Physically I'm doing ok - I think. I'm still very very bloated, and my left ovary hurts when I stand or walk. I have been having a lot of heartburn as well. Painful heartburn. And my back is a little painful. I hope these aren't related with OHSS in any way. I'm trying to drink water and gatorade (DH disagrees, he thinks I'm not drinking enough. I've been telling him to put an IV on me with gatorade dripping into me constantly!!)