The other day, my cousin had called to wish us Happy New Year. She said she had tried me at home, but didn't get us, and she was asking where we were. I told her we were in Denver (I did not want to get into details, but did not want to lie either, so I was trying to be vague and ambiguous by mentioning we were here for "some work"). She wasn't buying. She wanted to know how come we weren't off for New Years. So I told her we were seeing a doctor in Denver. And in the course of my conversation with her, she asked "So what are you doing in Denver this trip?" And I almost said "Oh I'm just here to lay my eggs!" 

Yeah, that's what I'm doing technically. I'm just going to lay my eggs and scoot back to CA. Hopefully my eggs will hatch and all of that, and in the end I will succeed in becoming Mother Hen! 

The way forward from here was what we discussed with the nurse for a long time yesterday. I of course wanted the shortest wait between ER and FET, because as you all know, I've been waiting forever, and I'm running out of patience, money, and things to do! 

We have 2 options. One is to wait for AF after ER, put me on estrogen patches, and come in for FET when the lining looks ready. This is the shorter option - but this would also take about 4 weeks. 

The second option is to wait for AF after ER, start on BCP for 14 days, overlap with Lupron, get another AF, and start estrogen patches thereafter to thicken the lining. 

CCRM suggests the second option. They say this way we have a few advantages:

1) My body will completely be rid of the hormones that are racing through it right now. 
2) 2 AFs is better to shed all the old / hormonal lining and get started with fresh lining.
3) They can time everything better if they have me on BCP so they can predict what will happen when.

Much as I hated doing this, but I found myself telling the nurse that we would go with her suggestion of Option 2. Having come this far, I don't want to compromise ANYTHING. In the grand scheme of things, a few extra weeks don't matter (Of course it's beside the point that my grand scheme of things has been dragging on and in the making since 2001!!!)

The trigger shot went well last night. I didn't even feel the needle, so I promptly gave credit to the lard I'm carrying on my butt. DH was annoyed that I didn't give him the credit for giving me a painless injection! I went in this morning to have my blood drawn AGAIN!! They just want to check if the HcG got absorbed as expected. They said that sometimes they have to call patients in to give them another shot if the absorption didn't happen like they need it to. 

So the egg farm is getting ready for harvest tomorrow! I will post an update tomorrow when I'm able to. I hope we get a good harvest. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

And now, some pictures of the infertility mecca we know is CCRM:

This is in the waiting area - this is where you go in for your blood work and ultrasounds or meetings with your nurse etc. The doctors see you on the other side of the hall. 

Another view of the waiting area:

This is the entrance area:

This is a shot of the clinic from the road - the entrance is at the back of the building: