The embryologist called, and I think I have finally exhaled now, after days of bated breath, days of wondering, hoping, panicking, all at the same time!

Our latest update is more heartening. They were able to biopsy and vitrify 4 more embryos on Day 6. There was one more they were watching, but that one didn't make it. So all in all, we now have 6 that have been biopsied and vitrified, ie frozen in time.

The biopsied cells were fixed on glass slides, and these slides are being sent to the PGD lab today. The lab should be working on our slides tomorrow and on Friday. They could technically have the results by Friday, but since they know there is no time pressure of a fresh transfer, and since they are aware that these blastocysts have been vitrified, they may not be in a rush to send the results back. CCRM will call us as soon as they hear, and this could happen on Monday or maybe even Tuesday.

I'm feeling a little more relaxed, and am daring to hope that there WILL be a transfer. I'm reminded on our President Elect's speech and book title and phrases - The Audacity of Hope. He said "Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The Audacity of Hope."

Out of our 6 blastocysts being genetically tested, can we hope for at least one that we can transfer? Please God, I hope so. Please don't let it be otherwise. 

I had promised I would share with you the grading system for blastocysts. I went online to look for pictures which I could post with my description. In my searches I came across a website which actually describes the grading of blastocysts much better than I could ever dream of doing. So I'm going to link you to this article on blastocyst grades.

I want to thank every one of you for reaching out and supporting me during the crazy roller coaster of the last week. From 1/7 to 1/14 - it seems like an eternity! A tiring, exhausting eternity, and I don't think I could have stayed sane without the hands of my blogosphere friends, holding me up. 

It's not over yet, it's far from over, but it's one step forward it the right direction.