They’re everywhere. EVERYWHERE. In real life, in Hollywood, on the news, on social networking sites, EVERYWHERE!!! We closed myself in, and isolated ourselves from so many IRL friends because we couldn’t deal with their pregnancies or baby news or baby views. Many shut us out because they didn’t know what to say to us any more. Now – now I have one friend who calls and checks on me frequently. Other than her calls, my phone rings only when CCRM calls me. I get emails when I get comments from you guys. Other than that – almost nothing.

What did we do? We turned to television. In 30 minute spurts, the telly has become our escape from reality. How I met your mother, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Law and Order have helped us keep our sanity, and in some cases, our humor alive.

This last season, we also started watching a new series called “The Worst Week”. It made us laugh. The poor guy got into trouble and his life sucked apparently more than ours – all the time! But there was a theme on the show – the girl was pregnant. It was ok in the beginning, but then they had to start showing her pregnant. We stopped watching the show then.

The other day I read somewhere that Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan are pregnant in real life. They are both on How I met your Mother. Yesterday, Cobie’s character Robin visibly LOOKED bigger. I love the show, but I’m sure it will be another one that we’ll stop watching soon.

Two and a Half Men – I mean, cheap, crass, in your face type of stuff. Hilarious. Yesterday, Marin Hinkle’s character (Judith) waddles out 5 months pregnant, and half the show was about painting the nursery, and selecting the baby girl’s name. Blech!! Another show I’m going to stop watching?

How sad is it when you end up needing to escape FROM your escape? Pathetic. Really pathetic.

This season I think we’re going to stick to Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen and American Idol. Whatever they do on those shows, hopefully they won’t paint nurseries and choose baby names, and shove their fertility in our faces! Angry, filthy mouthed, British accented Chef Gordon Ramsey, and Simon, Randy, Paula and the new chick are probably NOT going to suddenly show up pregnant any time soon. (Or so we hope!)

Now for my PGD update – no news. I had asked the nurse yesterday when we spoke. She had checked with the lab, and they had told her they hadn’t heard back from the PGD lab yet. They said it could take a few more days. I am running out of patience but I don’t have another option. Nothing I can do but wait. The embryologist told me they expected to hear back by Friday last or Monday/ Tuesday. I’m going to keep quiet and calm till tomorrow. And then I’ll follow up. I do know that they didn’t have the results yesterday. I’ll give them today, and then start calling them.