Thanks for your support - I'm trying not to panic. I'm trying to remember that there's NOTHING we can do to make more eggs and follicles, and I am going to continue to trust the doctors. Like all of you have told me, they are among the best in their field for a reason, and I'm going to let them do their job. 

My E2 today is at 3084, LH at 1.7, and P4 at .3 something. They have asked me to reduce Gonal F to 37.5 iu for tonight and NOT do Menopur tomorrow morning. Huh - I've never even heard of a 37.5 iu Gonal F dose before! But then again - they are experts in this field for a reason. They are obviously on top of everything and are monitoring me so closely. So yes, tiny little injection today - 37.5 iu is just one click of the pen (those of you that have used the pen will know what I'm talking about!) :-)

I get the feeling I'll get to trigger tomorrow - what do you guys think? And yes, I'm going to make DH come in for the u/s with me tomorrow. I want him to see the follicles and count them for me!