They use the same medications that all other doctors use. They don't use any magic potion of any kind. In fact, in my case, the dosage was half what my local RE would put me on. 

They do monitor you VERY VERY closely. Many REs across the country don't believe in such close monitoring. Many don't believe in the blood monitoring, they just go by follicle sizes. 

CCRM leaves nothing to chance. They take into account everything that could make a tiny bit of difference. 

And here are the results they are able to get from my old ovaries - 31 eggs were retrieved today. Yes, 31, and I'm still in shock!! They don't know yet how many were mature eggs, but they got 31!!! 

The day began bright and early, and we were at the clinic by 7:45 AM. I love their special entry for surgery patients - it's all very James Bond-ish. Announce your name and the garage door is opened up for you. You go directly into the surgery center from the garage. 

They took a long time to be able to set up my IV today. My veins were not very cooperative for some reason. First they put that hot towel on my left hand, and the nurse tried to poke a vein on my wrist. She put in the local anesthetic, and then went in with the catheter. Apparently my vein moved after that! So she went to another vein a few cm away. Same thing. She put the anesthetic, and the catheter, but my veins were in a slippery mood this morning. She decided she didn't want to poke me any more, and went and called another nurse, who tried on my right hand, and thankfully got a vein to stay in place long enough for the IV to get set. 

The anesthesiologist came in, and then Dr Surrey came in. He did my ER today, and he was so warm and friendly! Once I had signed all my consents, they gave me a little cocktail and that's the last I remember. I used to be a fighter, now I'm knocked out even before I am wheeled out of the prep room!! 

The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room. I saw JJ being wheeled out to the recovery room after her ER. Once I was allowed to get up, I asked the nurses if I could say hi to JJ. That was the highlight of the day - it was so nice to meet her! J - I have to tell you, you're beautiful!! Even in my drugged state, and your drugged state, you looked lovely! 

It was so sweet of the nurses to allow me to shuffle over to JJ's recovery area - and can you imagine the sight? Me shuffling there in the back open gown, with a sheet wrapped around me for modesty, my feet in those blue booties, with DH walking with me, carrying my IV bag! Comical, aren't we? 

We will find out the fert report tomorrow. And because of the large number of eggs they got, they want me to come in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning to see if my ovaries look ok. Also, Dr Schoolcraft decided they would do ICSI after all. I'm trusting them wholeheartedly now, so I didn't refuse or argue. 

We plan to fly back to CA tomorrow evening, after we get the fert report in. 

That's it people - I'm going to get some sleep now. I'm still whoozy from the anesthesia, but I can't tell you how quickly I got up and sat up once I heard how many eggs they got! Thanks for your prayers and vibes, and thank you God for listening to my prayers! 

PS - On a side note: This morning, while we were waiting for the garage door to be opened for us, we saw Dr School.craft in his car, on the phone, in the parking lot. He drives a fancy shmancy BMW 750i - one that many of us have helped pay for! Just a little tidbit of general knowledge for you guys!