60 something degrees today, but now we know, it's the "warm before the storm". Snow is expected tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also extremely thankful we got such awesome weather during our trip here. We were able to do so much outdoor stuff! 

My appointment today went well too. Follicles are growing well, and I have been asked to ~ get this ~ lower my Gonal F dose for today! I didn't get to talk to the nurse when she called me with instructions, so I don't have my blood hormone numbers for today. I go back tomorrow morning, and will try and get the numbers then. 

Here is today's cell phone picture of the follicles the u/s tech measured:

We went and spent the day at Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. The drive up there was gorgeous, and as we went up into the hills, the snow was beautiful! Here are some pictures: 

This was on the way from CCRM towards Estes Park.

This is at the entrance of Estes Park (as is obvious in the picture!)

This is Estes Park Lake - the color was an amazing deep blue - it was so pretty!! 

This is in Rocky Mountain National Park. Bear Lake - completely frozen! 

We also saw a bunch of wildlife - loads of elk etc. 

I'm mentally pretty relaxed, and am looking forward to seeing how many eggs they can retrieve. The nurse said we should be looking at triggering maybe on Monday or Tuesday. The largest follicles today were in the 15 mm range. I am feeling bloated and I can feel the twinges going on inside. They are asking me to stay hydrated and not exert myself too much. I'm chugging on water, and I told the nurse we were planning to go to Estes Park today, and she said it was ok as long as I didn't trek too much. So we drove around a lot. 

We're now back in the room. DH is cooking dinner, and I'm watching TV, and blogging. What more can a girl want? :-)