Whoot whoot whoot! I am triggering tonight! 

Today went really well. I took DH in with me for the u/s, and he counted more than 20 follicles. That put my mind at rest immediately. Then the nurse came in and she also said things looked great, and she was pretty sure I would get to trigger tonight. 

Thereafter we got to spend time with the genetic counselor, who took us through the details of the chromosome translocation issue we're dealing with, told us the details of the FISH analysis that we need our embryos to go through. She had us sign some 1 million consents - basically, anything that can go wrong and does go wrong is not their fault! :-)

We spent some time with our nurse after that, and she answered some questions I had. When I was given my protocol, they had said they would do ICSI for us, and somehow that was stuck in my head as something which COULD be bad for us. Why? Because of DH's translocation. I was just worried that if we hand select the sperm and ICSI the eggs to fertilize, what if we choose sperm that are unbalanced? There's no way of telling from the outside. There's no way of testing the sperm and selecting normal ones, because the test is a destructive test, ie, it needs a cell to be taken out for testing, and that's the one cell the sperm has. After testing, there's no sperm left. So we felt it would be better to leave it to nature and let whatever  balanced / unbalanced embryos form on their own. The nurse called the genetic counselor in, and all of us decided that it was best to let fertilization happen on it's own. 

My E2 today was 4239, P4 at .3 something, and I've been instructed to take the trigger shot at 10 PM tonight. I do have to go in for blood work tomorrow, but it's going to be a shot free day otherwise! Yippee!!! 

ER will be at 9 AM on Jan 7. 

(How awesome is it that my calendar has gone EXACTLY according to the schedule they gave me 2 months ago?)