So here we are in Colorado, but where’s the snow? Today was a nice warm 54 degree day here, no sign of any snow or anything! No no no, I’m not complaining! I’m loving it!

We arrived yesterday, found our way to the rental car, and to the hotel, checked in, then went hunting for a grocery store, picked up some essentials, had dinner, and came back to the room to wait for the remaining hours of 2008 to go away.

This morning, my u/s appointment at CCRM went well. The u/s tech didn’t measure all the follicles – she said that it’s enough to measure the larger ones, because they just want to get an idea of the progress. My larger couple of follicles are in the 12 mm range, and there are a bunch of them in the 11 and 10 mm range. So it looks like the scare of one follicle gaining dominance is gone. The tech was listing the measurements on the screen, and I took a picture from my cell phone before I left the room – it’s a little shaky, but hopefully you’ll be able to see something!

My blood results looked ok too – P4 at 0.2, E2 at 646, LH at 1.2. CCRM wants me to continue on the same dose tonight, and I go back to see them tomorrow.

Since we’re here in CO, and since we’ve paid so much for the trip, we have decided to make a vacation of it as well. We spent a gorgeous day outside today. It was just breath-taking! We went to the Garden of the Gods, which has amazing red rock formations – the views are spectacular!! Then we went through the historic town of Manitou Springs, and went ahead to the Caves of the Winds. Again, beautiful! The visit to the caves was like a visit back to high school, to geography lessons. I could picture my Geography teacher, drilling “stalactites and stalagmites” into our heads. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stalactite or a stalagmite in real life before. These caves had hundreds – beautiful gorgeous formations! After that we went up into the hills on a dirt road off of the highway. Both DH and I LOVE these drives into the hills – that’s like a weekly pastime for us! We just love to drive into nature, without maps, without knowing where the next turn will lead us! Here are some pictures:

So all in all, we’ve had a lovely day. I’m feeling good about 2009. So good, that I thought I’d check my “annual horoscope” on MSN. Hahahaha – I shouldn’t have! Here’s what it said:

Anyhow, we're here, we're doing what we have to. The rest is up to fate. We've dealt with everything for so long, we'll deal with whatever comes our way now.

Happy New Year everyone!