We're back from our trip to the San Diego area, and I must say, I am SO glad we went. We really needed to de-stress, and the last 3 days have been awesome. We went with another family, and I think that was a good idea too, because we were forced to get out and be normal and not talk about our IF and IVF all the time. In fact, we didn't even talk about it once! 

We're back, and both DH and I are feeling "re-charged" and sufficiently calm to get started with FET preparations.

I started Lupron on Tuesday, and yesterday, I had to do my shot while we were driving back to the bay area. We stopped at a gas station, DH prepared the syringe, our friend was checking the air in the tires and I pulled up my t-shirt and did my shot right there in the parking lot! I was laughing with DH later at night that it's almost comical how we've come to a point where we're practically immodest about and because of our IF. I don't even blink or hesitate if I'm talking about IF - I'm not embarrassed talking about sperm, eggs, uterus or anything IF/TTC related!  

I'm still on my BCP - I take my last pill this weekend. AF should come next week, and then I start the patches. So far so good. 

We head out to Denver on 2/24, for our FET on 2/25. The date 2/24 has a huge significance in my life. My last pregnancy (the ectopic) had a due date of 2/24. It's sad that SO much time has gone past since my last pregnancy. At the same time, it feels significant that my FET is scheduled 1 day after my due date. Almost like I needed to wait till the due date to be cleansed of all the negative and hurtful emotions that I felt over the last year. 

I need to think about this upcoming FET, to think about how many blasts we're going to transfer. Here's where I need your suggestions.

These are the blasts we have (in terms of grading):

I feel we should transfer 2 blasts this time. I also think we should transfer 1 of the 4AA grade blasts, and one of the remaining 2. We thought about transferring both the 4AA grade blasts, to maximize our chances for this cycle, but we both agree that it will be better for us mentally to know we have a good quality blast as backup, in case this cycle doesn't work, or something goes wrong during the pregnancy. 

If all goes well, and we do come home with a healthy baby in say Oct/Nov, then the 2 blasts can stay frozen till we are ready for a sibling. 

What do you think? What would you do? 

(I may be thinking ahead of myself here totally - I have no idea if CCRM lets the patient have any say in how many blasts are transferred or which ones are transferred, but I want to be prepared with our decision nevertheless.)