Not much to report here - I'm still doing my Lupron shots every evening, and changing my E2 patches every other day. I have my first E2 blood work on Wednesday. I hope the numbers look good. Removing those patches is ~ lets just say ~ NOT my favorite activity! Ouch! Those damn stickers hurt!! 

And I'm not very fond of the glue residue they leave behind. I've been clawing the glue out with my nails, and yes, I know that's probably not the best thing to do. I tried lotion etc, and nothing helps. DH suggested trying to rub the glue out with one of those hundreds of alcohol swabs we now have, courtesy of a fresh new box coming in with every prescription that includes injections and syringes! I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Although I had a wilder idea - has anyone heard of "Goo Gone"? I'm wondering if I should try that to remove the glue "goo". Probably not, I know! :-)

Coming to another thought on my mind - acupuncture.... I had done acupuncture before my last IVF cycle in May / June 2008. I did not go back to the acupuncturist after that pregnancy didn't work out. By the time we got started on this IVF cycle, so much more time had gone by, and I just never took up the acupuncture routine again. Reasons being multifold - financial reason being the biggest one. So here we are, in between ER and FET, with no acupuncture at all. 

CCRM offers pre and post transfer acupuncture at their clinic, and I haven't confirmed to them if I will take it or not. What do you think? We know acupuncture helps in de-stressing the mind, and also in channelizing the "chi" or energy flow in the body, but usually it needs about 10 - 12 sessions for the benefits of acupuncture to kick in. In isolation of any other sessions, will the pre and post transfer sessions help in any way? Part of the deciding factor is cost, but if the benefits of the 2 sessions are substantial, then a some more $$ on this cycle won't matter in the long run. 

Any of you who have done a cycle at CCRM - did you do the acupuncture? If you did - what made you decide for it, and did you find it worthwhile? If you didn't, what made you decide against doing it?