My body on medication is the most dependable, on schedule, per calendar body that one could want!

My FET calendar showed that AF should show today. And she did. Amazing what medicine can make your body do huh? Considering AF was last visiting just over 2 weeks ago. 

So anyway - she's here, and I get to start my E2 patches on Thursday, change patches every second day and go in for E2 blood work on the 11th, 19th and for P4 blood work on the 22nd. I have to have a lining check on the 19th as well. 

We fly out to Denver on 2/24 and will head straight to CCRM. They need us to sign some consents (without which they will not thaw our blastocysts!). These consents need to be notarized as well. One option was for them to send us the consents here. We would then have to get them notarized and mailed back. The nurse said she could notarize the consents for us herself, but for that we'd have to meet her the day before the transfer. We decided that was the easier option. 

We got a great deal on our hotel stay for this trip. Crestwood Suites for $34 a night! This is a queen bed studio suite, with kitchen, wireless internet, and free breakfast! The hotel is located a little farther from CCRM than the one we stayed at the last time but since we go to CCRM once for the consents and then the next time for the FET, and after that have to spend the remainder of our stay there with me being on bed rest, it really doesn't matter! At almost a third of the price of the closer by places, it's a steal! 

We've never stayed at a Crestwood before (honestly I'd never even heard of it) so I hope it turns out as good as it looked on the website! 

It's happening - FET is coming up. I've told AF this is the last time I'm allowing her in my house for a long time to come. She is not welcome for say the next 10 months or so! 

I'm excited to get the ball rolling - can you tell? :-)