I started my E2 patches today. This time I have the "dot", so it's a much smaller sticker, and I hope it will be easier to deal with than the ones I had used for my FET that got canceled in 2007. The hardest part about those was removing the stickers. My skin was not happy at being ripped at again and again, and by the time I had to increase the number of patches that were being administered at the same time, I had run out of room on my tummy, and had to use areas that were used earlier. Also need room for the lupron shots! I was happy this morning to see a smaller sticker! (And I have more room on my tummy now than I did in 2007 - all the extra weight that I'm carrying around seems to be serving SOME purpose finally!)

My brain feels sort of fogged out. I can tell that I'm not being as lucid and clear in my head as I usually am. (That may explain my infrequent posting {by my usual blogging standards}).
I know Lu.pron does that to people - the loopy foggy lup.ron brain has been talked about by many a blogger! 

So in my foggy, cotton-wool state of mind, I did what my clear head was not letting me do. I sent out my resume to a couple of companies. I decided that I need to be prepared to move on, and obviously with the economy being the way it is, I may need more time to find a job. So I thought it would help to send out my resume and see what response I get. If these companies start jumping up and down in excitement asking me to join them (Yeah right! Who am I kidding?), then it's a decision we'll make depending on what happens over the next few weeks.

The more likely outcome is probably going to be a lukewarm one. There's hardly anyone hiring out there. So we'll see. I think I needed to send the feelers out, so I know. 

On another note - my sharps container is filling up. There's almost no room in it any more and I still have over 2 weeks of Lu.pron syringes to dispose. It's the large container, so just looking at it reminds me of how long and hard this journey has been. Last night as I was throwing away my syringe after my Lup.ron shot, I was joking with DH, saying "If our child EVER throws a tantrum, or EVER whines or complains about anything unnecessary, I'm going to show him/her this container, and say, I didn't flinch while sticking all those syringes into my body for you. You have basically signed away all your rights to whine in front of me!"