I had my lining check ultrasound and E2 blood work today. 

My lining check didn't go well at all. My poor pathetic lining, after 2 weeks of Estrogen stickers was only at a measly 4.9 mm. No triple line pattern or anything - nowhere even close to it. Just a sad blurb, 4.9mm thick.

I spent the morning in panic mode. DH has been trying to calm me down, telling me that we have good blastocysts to transfer, so there is nothing to worry about. At the very worst, we'll get postponed. 

And postponed we got. The nurse just called - I'm being pushed out by a week. Instead of flying out on 2/24, we now fly out on 3/3, transfer on 3/4. My E2 level today was 382, and they wanted me to be over 300, so that was good. I thought there would be a correlation between the E2 level and the lining thickness. So if my E2 level is right where it should be, shouldn't my lining also have been right where it should be? 

They want the lining to be a minimum of 8mm, so I get to add estrace to my drug cocktail, only I get to have the pleasure of using the lovely blue pills as a suppository instead of a regular oral pill!! Yeah, been there, done that also before. I hate the blue discharge! 

I can't help but wonder if the surgery I had in October to fix the shape of my uterus could have anything to do with my lining being so thin this time? 

I need some thickening vibes please....