Drug free – yay, I’m drug free!! So THIS is what “normal” feels like! I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to not have to take ANY drugs at all! (OK – but for my BP meds)

I have even stopped my pre-natals and folic acid for now. I took permission from the nurse of course, and I told her I really wanted to live a few days without having to take anything TTC related.

And I also have some updates on our next steps. On Wednesday, after calling the cycle off, DH and I spoke. We talked about how soon we want to move on with hysteroscopy and regrouping with the doctors etc. And we decided that we would do the hysteroscopy and regroup now, fresh off of the lining issue, and based on the findings of the hysteroscopy, we will decide when and how we want to proceed further.

So yesterday I emailed the nurse asking her if I needed to wait for AF to schedule the hysteroscopy. Considering my lining is so pathetically thin anyway, it didn’t make sense to me to wait to schedule it in the first half of my next cycle (Hysteroscopies are scheduled between CD5 and CD11 so that the uterine lining is not too thick). She checked with Dr Sch and confirmed back that I could schedule my hysteroscopy immediately if we want to. Also, if we were scheduling it, I need not get onto the progesterone suppositories to bring on AF.

Today we got everything scheduled. We are going to Denver on Tuesday. I have my hysteroscopy scheduled for the afternoon. After the procedure, Dr. Schoolcraft will spend some time with DH and me, going over the findings and his suggestions for next steps.

If he says it’s something that can be fixed easily, then they will try and squeeze everything in during that trip itself. i.e. If I have to have surgery, we will stay on in Denver for a couple of days and get the procedure done. We already have a hotel room booked (which we have been postponing week by week for the last month or so) {Remember my $34 a night hotel deal?? That’s the one I’m talking about!}

If he finds nothing wrong with the uterus, then we will discuss with him what our next steps should be. If we don’t have to stay for any further procedures, we fly back the same night.

In the meantime, I have started reaching out within my network to see if there are any jobs available. I’m feeling a little better mentally, and yes, now, when I look back, it was the right thing to do to call off the cycle. Thank you all of you for your support the other day. It's relieving to know everyone agreed that I wasn't being foolish calling the cycle off.