Everything! I'm willing to try everything! And suddenly, my sunny disposition is back too! For now at least. I'm feeling more positive this week, and I hope Thursday's u/s brings good news!

I went for acupuncture on Saturday. I didn't go back to the same acupuncturist I had used last year, because from what I had read on other blogs and message boards, it didn't seem like my acupuncturist was focusing on IF too much. For example, he never put any needles anywhere on my abdomen. He only put needles in my legs and hands. This time, since I need such focussed, urgent and immediate help, I decided to look for someone different. 

 So I picked another acupuncturist, and she is much closer to home for me, and her website talked about IF all over the place.

What a world of difference! I've had 2 sessions so far, and man, her approach is SO different. She put needles on my tummy, legs, head, forehead, and hands. She put 2 little needles in my right ear as well. Then she connected come electricity to some of the needles in my tummy, and switched on some infrared type lamps. The electricity sends little tremors into the body. She turned the lights out, switched on very soothing music, and as I was drifting in and out of sleep, she stood next to me with a lit moxa stick heating my tummy. I had never seen or heard of a moxa stick before, so for others like me who don't know what it is - it looks like a lit cigar. It has a peculiar smell - sort of incense like, only more herbal. 

When I was done, she took off all the needles but for the ones in my ear. She said I should keep them on if I could tolerate them. If they bothered me, I could remove them. They aren't the regular acupuncture needles, but really tiny ones. On the outside they look like tiny bandaids, with needles on the other side sticking into my ear. I still have those on! I thought they would bother me while sleeping, but I can't even feel them. When I wash my hair, I put cling wrap on my ear, tape it up and take a shower! :-)

I went back to her yesterday, and she did all the same stuff as she did on Saturday, and in addition, she did acupuncture on my back (errrr - my butt actually). I've never heard of butt acupuncture and I told her that. She said it's usually used to help people with kidney issues, but since the pelvic region is behind the butt, she wanted to make sure I got energy from both sides! 

Bunny had mentioned someone told her to have "bone soup" to make a thick lining. DH even made me some Paya (it's an Indian/Pakistani soup made from goat trotters). I usually hate it, but I asked him to make it and I ate it for 2 meals, just in case it actually helps! 

Like I said - I'm willing to do EVERYTHING. And with all of this, and estrace suppositories, and delestrogen injections, and vivelle patches, my lining had better be thickening up!!

I see the acupuncturist tomorrow, and I have my u/s on Thursday. Let's see what news Thursday brings. But I'm feeling a stronger positive vibe. I hope my gut is right. 

Lisa - thanks for the award. I will write about it tomorrow, along with the 300 honest scraps that I still have to write! I've been so bad with awards lately - I'm so sorry, but I will do it tomorrow for sure!