Its amazing how, when IF isn't taking over your life, LIFE takes over your life! I've been busy in the last couple of weeks, focussing primarily on the job hunt. It's been a relief to just be ME. I'm enjoying being ME and not infertile me. (No, I didn't suddenly turn fertile, but I'm just not focussing on IF for the time being)

It's like there is this part of my brain that I somehow switched off - no IF thoughts, no IF conversations, no IF depression, and it feels like a weight has lifted from my soul! Instead, I'm wearing my MBA hat - sending resumes, attending interviews, negotiating offers etc. And it's a different level of energy that flows in your veins when you're not thinking IF! 

I was busy with my job hunt, and suddenly I have another diversion. A family situation this time. I have an uncle who lives in NH (this is my mom's brother). My uncle has been sick off and on for the last few years. A few days ago, he got taken very ill again, and got admitted to the ICU with a collapsed lung. In a couple of days, his other lung collapsed too. He's been on the ventilator for a few days now, and his lungs aren't cooperating well at all. The doctors are planning to do a tracheotomy on him (put a tube through his throat so he can breathe), and put a food tube too. This procedure is likely to happen on Monday or Tuesday.

I am taking the red eye out to the east coast tonight to spend some time with my aunt, and to visit my uncle. They have a daughter, who is in college. She is supposed to graduate next month, and right now, is torn between her thesis and final college stuff, and having to attend to her dad in the hospital. I'm just going there to be with them, in case anyone needs any help, and to give them company, if anyone needs to vent or a shoulder to cry on. 

I may not have a lot of internet time while I am there, but I will try and keep up with all of you. If I am not able to comment, please forgive me. And please send up some thoughts and prayers for my uncle so he can come through this new challenge in his life. 

I will update you all when I return - perhaps later in the week.